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Let our team guide you through all the options available to enhance your lifestyle both today and tomorrow. We will listen to your needs and dreams and help take the confusion out of the many options available. We work with you to ensure a smooth process is achieved over the entire job.


Our team is well skilled at working alongside builders and other trades to make sure the project runs smoothly.

Home Theatre
Light Bulbs

Home Service Maintenance

Our team will help any concerns you may have with wiring setups, lighting fixtures, electrical outlets and installing smoke alarms.

Wooden Staircase

Small And Large
Home Renovations

From a bathroom renovation, a kitchen upgrade, remodeling a room or two through to large extensions the team at Illuminate work with all trades to ensure your electrical renovation is fully coordinated to minimise disruptions or miscommunication.

Modern White Kitchen

New Builds To
High End Electrical

We are committed to providing builders and home owners with high quality electrical services that will bring a new home to life. Here at Illuminate we pride ourselves in offering tailored electrical services that ot only meet expectations, but exceed them.

We would love to help you with your next project. Don't see what you are after? Get in touch today to see how we can help!

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Electrical Design And Plans

We believe there is so much more to our work than straightforward electrical installations. We understand that building or renovating a home involves making a lot of important decisions. We work with you one-on-one to ensure these decisions can be made with confidence by providing you with the most up-to-date innovative solutions for your home.

TV Outlets And Wall Mounts

Gain more space by hanging your TV on a wall. Our highly experienced team of registered electricians can advise and provide you with the appropriate bracket leaving you with a clean look and hidden cables. Illuminate can also recommend the best audio solution for your budget and TV set up to give you the optimal in-home entertainment system.

TV, Networking and Wifi Distribution

A well designed home and office network can allow for easy upgrades in the future making sure you are not stuck with an out- of- date system. Enjoy high speed transmission along with reliable Wifi, everywhere you need it.

Home Automation

The team at Illuminate have been involved in home automation for more than 15 years. We use and recommend Control 4 automation products. With a range of controls from elegant looking switches to remotes and touch screens, you can have control of all the services in your home with the touch of a button.

With Control 4 you can set automatic lighting in key areas and even have your favourite radio station or playlist set to begin as soon as you arrive home. And come movie time, for example, all devices can flip to their correct settings, the lights are dimmed and the door locked, all at the press of one button!


It doesn’t have to be a fully fledged automation system right from the start though, you can start small, and instead of having 6 remotes lining the coffee table - combine them all into one simple system and only one easy-to-remote, then build on it from there in the future. Home automation should make your life simpler and automate everyday tasks freeing up your time for the more important things in life. Some common areas to automate:

  • Lighting Control

  • Automatic Lighting

  • Lighting Scenes

  • Irrigation Control

  • Blind Control

  • Motorized Screens


There is no automation project too big or too small. Illuminate has designed, installed  and commissioned projects from lighting control in single home theatre rooms to full home control of entire homes, offices and bars.

Powerful Sound & Immersive Home Theatres

We supply and install a range of well known quality brand home theatre receivers and associated speakers and source devices. Let us advise you of the best options for your particular installation and choose from a range of speakers to suit any room.

To learn more about Home Theatre, click here.

Enjoy Music Everywhere

Enjoy music throughout the home or office with individual music playing in each room or link them all for the ultimate party or after work wind down. With connection to music streaming services as well as all of your own music you will never be stuck without anything to listen too.

Security - Lighting, Alarms and Cameras

From basic systems to full control via your smartphone, no more getting halfway to the beach and remembering you forgot to turn the alarm on! Check it on your phone, and set it from there if it is not already on.

Landscape and Outdoor Lighting

Helping you to maximise your outdoor lighting enabling you to continue your outdoor activities after sunset. From providing increased safety after dark, creating a warm welcome when family and guests enter the front door, highlighting your landscape and outdoor BBQ, our team will help to ensure your outdoor lighting is functional along yet relaxing, safe and fun.

LED Lighting and Lighting Control

Have any light in the house dimmed or set to a mood setting, providing you with ambience and efficiency. 

Dimmers provide a great opportunity to reduce your energy use, while also changing the atmosphere of a living space. By dimming the level of light emitted by the bulb, you're lowering the number of watts being used, thus saving on power.

Advantages of LED Lights:

  • Long life - the components of an LED and the way that they generate light significantly extend the lifespan of these bulbs

  • Energy efficiency

  • High brightness and intensity

  • Exceptional colour range

  • Low radiated heat

  • Reliability

  • Instantaneous illumination

  • Directional lighting

Air Conditioning

We offer full supply and installation of air conditioning and heat pumps.

We would love to help you with your next project. Don't see what you are after? Get in touch today to see how we can help!

Electrical Design
TV Outlets
TV, Networking
Home Automaion
Landscape Lighting
Lighting Control
Let's Talk HT
Home Theatre Illuminate Electrician Pukekohe
Let's Talk Home Theatre

An immersive listening and viewing experience awaits you!

Air Con
What we do

When designing a great home theatre you need to first ponder on a couple of important considerations:

  • How are you going to view everything? 

  • How is it all going to sound?


These are the two basic fundamentals of a great home theatre system, but how much relevance do they both have and how much importance should be allocated to each?


Yes the size and type of the screen is important, but when it comes to a good home theatre, a quality surround speaker system is what is really going to bring your movies and entertainment to life!


Try this for a minute - while sitting watching a movie try muting the sound for a while - see what you absorb, then turn the sound back on and turn off the screen. The ability to hear not only the dialogue but also the music and sound effects really does enable you to get a sense of what the movie is about even if you can’t see it.


The low frequency rumbles from a sub woofer when there is an explosion or the sound of a fighter jet screaming over head are the things that really round off the whole movie watching experience.

So how does it all go together? Home Theatre Design is the answer.


This is the time to get a few things right so that you can get the most from your new system. You don’t want to spend money unnecessarily or in the wrong areas.


What options to consider:

  • The room you are going to use - dedicated or dual purpose 

  • Type of screen 

  • Speaker size and type - not to mention placement

  • What receiver and source equipment

  • Cable requirements and then practical consideration on getting where they need to be - do they need to be hidden or concealed

  • Furniture

  • And of course what your budget is to achieve all that you want


This can be a confusing time if you do not get the right advice and have some understanding of what it is you are buying.

Home theatre

Standard Home Theatre Equipment


Home Theatre Receiver
The engine behind your system, processes the information from your Blu-ray or dvd player source and passes the sound through to the speakers. How this is processed can make a big difference to the sound of your system. It is important that it can produce enough power to run your speakers as low power is the most common cause of damage to speakers.


With such a large range available there is something to suit everyone. From cabinet- style either satellite, book shelf or floor standing through to recessed, in-wall or ceiling speakers and sub-woofers.



Which way to go ...... projector, LCD, LED, 3D compatible? If you want a big screen then a projector is probably the way to go, although flat screens are getting up and over 100” now. A few things to consider before you even look at your options are:

  • How close you will be sitting

  • Is the room a dedicated theatre or dual purpose area?

  • What are you going to use it for - movies, sports, gaming or day to day use?


Another option worth considering is both a projector for movies and sport, and a flat screen TV for general viewing.


Cable and interconnects
What equipment you end up with will determine the cables you need to get up and running. Good quality cable and the right type of interconnects used between equipment can make a lot of difference to both the picture on screen and the sound that is output. You need to make sure that you are using the best type of connection that is compatible between your equipment.


Remote Control

Gone are the days of having 5 or 6 remotes lying around the room to operate your system. Simple functions can be added for one touch operation of everything.


Source Equipment

What are you going to be watching? The source equipment or components feed the signal via the receiver to the rest of your home theatre system. Source equipment can consist of the following but is not limited to these - Blu-ray, Sky, Gaming Consoles, Video and Still Camera, Apple TV.


If you would like to know more about Home Theatre or would like to book a consultation, get in touch.

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